Simple DIY Mason Jar Hand Soap Dispenser

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Aloha everyone, I have a simple DIY hand soap dispenser project that you can do in less than 15 minutes.

I recently made these because I’ve been adding bits and pieces of decor in my bathroom and everything on the counter was pleasing to my eyes except the plastic store bought containers of hand soap that kept nudging at my brain like it didn’t belong there.

I love mason jars and probably own like 3 cases of them altogether and use them for a ton of different things like meal prep, storage and other decorative uses.

I’ve been seeing a lot of mason jar decor in stores and figured why not just make my own since I already have most of the supplies I need.

Here’s what you need:

1 Mason Jar -Best size is 16 oz


1 Soap Pump - I bought a soap dispenser for $1 at the Dollar Tree and just used the pump but you can also find it online or re-purpose one you already have.


You’ll also need:

  • A glue gun and glue stick - Optional

  • A tool to pierce a hole in the mason jar cover - I used a screw driver and a nose pliers


Step one:

Using a screwdriver or whatever tool you prefer, puncture a hole in the mason jar lid. Then using the tip of the nose pliers, insert it into the hole and twist to create a larger hole. I recommend making the hole from the underneath of the lid up, that way the sharp edges will be on top of the lid.

Make sure the soap pump fits the hole tightly

Step two:

Insert the soap pump through the top of the mason jar lid and apply hot glue to the underneath of the mason jar lid to seal the gap.

Step three:

Assemble the lid and mason and determine if any excess part of the tube needs to be cut, then fill it with your favorite hand soap.

You can also use it for lotion, dish soap or shampoo and conditioner.


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