5 Ways To Get Your House Into The Spring Of Things

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Spring is here, and for many of us it represents a time of cleaning and redecorating and there are many people who can afford to and will overhaul their entire house by replacing curtains, throw pillows, beddings, rugs and other major decorations. I for one do not do all that, in fact I try to add or incorporate little things that can change the style of a room.

When I think of spring, I think light, fresh, crisp and colorful all of which can be obtained on a budget. Here are some things you can do get your house in the spring mood:

Declutter Your House

The first thing you want to do is de-clutter your house. I know it sounds like a major project but the dreading part is the hardest part. De-clutter one room at a time start with the most difficult room and work your way down. That way as you progress, things will only get easier and you are more likely to stay motivated. You can also create a schedule to plan what days you will work on which rooms and how much time you will spend on it. Plan according to your schedule. I usually plan projects on my day off and if I am free all day then I will have do as much as I can from morning till evening and if there is anything left to do I will save it for my next day off.

Before you get started make sure you have a rubbish bag for trash, a container or box for donation items and another container or box for items that belong in another room. Don’t worry about cleaning anything during this process, as the point of de-cluttering is to eliminate stuff that you don’t use or need. As you complete each room be sure to dispose of all collected trash and have a designated space to temporarily store donation items until your de-cluttering project is completed. Take the extra time to return all the items that belong in another room into their proper places.

Clutter in your house is like clutter in your mind and you will find that as you get rid of unwanted and unnecessary things, not only will you gain more space in your home but you will also find yourself feeling relieved.

spring into cleaning


Spring cleaning has become an annual ritual for households everywhere. Some of us enjoy it and some of us dread it. Normally when you refer to spring cleaning, you actually mean “I am going to clean EVERYTHING in my house, from ceiling to floor and everything in between”. Yeah! Awesome!

The reality of it though is some people hate cleaning and will skip the whole event all together, some people will give it a 100% because they see it as an opportunity to finally get things done, and some people do major cleaning all the time so it’s nothing exciting but they don’t mind doing it.

If you aren’t able to clean everything in every room, simply because you just don’t have time, or rather spend your time doing other things, just remember any progress is progress so maybe just clean things that don’t get cleaned often and be done with it and to make things much easier and chemical free, try these E-cloths,just add water, no cleaning solution or chemicals needed.

House Plants

It is no secret that house plants are pleasing to the eye and bring life to any environment but did you know that houseplants literally bring life to YOUR environment by reducing the carbon dioxide that you release from your bodies when you breathe out and in exchange they provide oxygen for you to breathe in.

Adding houseplants to your decor will liven up any room whether you place a single plant on a side table or a cluster of plants to some shelving. You can obtain different looks with houseplants also, for example, if you are going for a formal look, place plants of the same size symmetrically or if you are going for a more relaxed feel, opt in for plants of different types and sizes.

Another great way to add style is to change the plant pots. Besides the common clay pots there are so many choices to suit your style including metal, wood, brass and you can even get more creative in using containers that are not necessarily made for plants like a tea kettle, a glass jar or an old coffee pot.


Flowers are meant to lift your mood and spirits. That’s why we give flowers to others when it’s their birthday or when they are sick. We even give flowers in appreciation or as a house warming gift.

Regardless of the reason for flowers, it is a simple way to add color to your home and bring a sense of the nature inside. You can get fresh flowers for a reasonable price at any grocery store or even places like Walmart, Target and Costco.

If you prefer not to spend money on fresh flowers you can also create beautiful faux flower displays. They come in a variety of types and can be found at many crafts stores, department stores and even discount stores like the Dollar Tree.





Throw pillows are a great way to change up your style in any room. I, myself LOVE incorporating pillows into my decoration by using them on my bed, my couches and single chairs. The great thing is you can change the theme of a room just by changing the pillows.

For spring, add some throw pillows with beautiful floral prints or use pastel colors or if you are more of a minimalist then solid white pillows could be the perfect touch.

Whatever style of pillows you choose, rest assure that there is a pillow for everyone and an inexpensive way to add a fresh new look.

One more thing….

The most important part of spring and life in general is to remember to live life and enjoy your family, friends and everything that God has placed before us. Take this free Spring Bucket Printable and go spend some time with your family.


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