My 3 Basic Reasons Why I Use A Planner

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I am a paper planner addict. I get my fix every time I put a pen to paper and release all the chaos in my brain. I believe my addiction to planners started when I was around 12 yrs. old. I always felt a huge sense of peace whenever I wrote things down so I could visually see my thoughts and ideas.

Everyone knows that things change and believe me the planner world has expanded since I was a kid. Now days there are ring bound planners, disc bound planners, hardcover planners, travelers notebooks with inserts and they come in a variety of sizes, colors and materials including leather, vinyl, faux leather and so much more.

In addition there are tons of planner accessories such as planner stickers, planner clips, planner dividers, planner charms, planner folders, planner pockets and the list goes on and on and many of these items can be customized. If you want to see for yourself, surf the internet for any the items I mentioned and you will be in awe.

There is a planner suitable for everyone’s needs, whether you are the minimalist type and like to keep things simple and functional or the expressive type and love to decorate and make things look pretty. Currently I am using the Happy Planner Girl 12 Month Planner - Socialite Floral 2019

However, no matter what type of planner you are. A planner can provide everyone with 3 basic needs:

  1. Organization

    We all hear the saying “ Life is Messy”, well… clean it up. Majority of the time there is a solution to any mess and in this case we are talking about a messy mind. Yes, I’m sure you can relate to multiple thoughts running around in your head. Sometimes our mind wanders or worries about other tasks that have nothing to do with what we are doing at the moment. You could be at work typing out a report but these daunting thoughts about taking the dog to the vet, or calling your child’s school, picking up needed things at the grocery store can all distract you from what you are trying to accomplish in the present and prevent you from being productive.

    With a planner you can write down all your scheduled appointments, birthdays, holidays and anything date specific and not worry about it until the time comes.

    You can make lists suitable to your needs, whether it’s for household improvement projects, meal planning, grocery shopping or even a list of planner accessories that you want. I make a running list and keep it my planner. I list everything on it including things I want to buy, calls I need to make, papers I need to fill out, chores I need to do and when my kids like to yell out dates to me that I won’t remember, I quickly write it on my list and every night before I go to bed I review my list and plug in any dates on my calendar that I need to remember and I review the tasks and schedule them during my week if they need to be done within that week.

    It’s amazing when you filter through your thoughts and realize that while a mess of thoughts running through your head can be overwhelming, each thought alone really is nothing to stress over.

  2. Reference

    I find that I personally use my planner often as a reference. I’m always trying to remember when I did certain things or bought certain items. For example as I’m putting gas in my car I might be thinking, I swear I just put gas 3 days ago and because I usually either write my events for the day and also track my expenses, I am able to look back into my planner and clarify.

    Being able to look back at events, purchases or whatever you decide to write in your planner also helps to hold you accountable. I love mocha frappes and I have cute little mocha frappe stickers to mark my planner every time I go and treat myself, but here’s the thing, we all know they are not healthy and can be costly if you’re spending too much money on it so at the end of the month I am able to look back and see that whoa! I bought way too much mocha frappes this month. It helps me to be more aware of what I am doing and gives me the ability to change it. Otherwise I wouldn’t even think about it.

  3. Memories

    Throughout my life I have done numerous projects to preserve memories. I have done scrapbooks, photo books, journals, post everything on face book and some other crazy stuff I won’t mention. The truth is as a mom I never had the time to keep up with everything so trying to preserve memories on a daily basis just wasn’t working. Some projects are better to do periodically.

    With a planner my daily, weekly and monthly entries actually become memories because I write everything in my planner and even though at one time something that I wrote down for my kids was looked at as a scheduled event, once it’s done it will always be looked at as a memory.

    In fact at the end of each month I review all the events and highlights that occurred and I make a list of anything that I may have taken photos of and I print them all out for my memory book and because I don’t really have to worry about working on my memory book all the time I can save it for a time that’s convenient for me.

    Want to buy a planner yet?

    There are so many more benefits to using a planner. Do a little research and find one that’s best for you!

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